Shambhala is a mythical kingdom hidden in Inner Asia. It is a place without border, a pure land of peace, tranquility and happiness. Shambhala is as much visionary and spiritual as physical or geographic.

“It is a pure land, a pure land in the human realm. And unless one has the merit and the actual karmic association, one cannot actually arrive there.” Dalai Lama
Journey to Shambhala…

1346659137_Shambhala2Shambhala Therapy is a touch-visualisation therapy that utilises a variety of modalities to bring a person consciously and unconsciously to a state of Shambhala (peace). In it’s most simple and pure form, it is healing touch combined with visualisation.
Shambhala Therapy is a reprogramming technique that activates a person to make profound life shifts through its use of emotion (energy in motion). It works as a mind recovery tool to re-calibrate the essence of thinking and feeling. Empowering, motivating, inspiring, life-changing, and calming, this profound therapy has been designed to heal and promote thriving.
The goal of Shambhala Therapy is to bring you the best of healing traditions from East and West. The unique character of the therapy is that touch is used energetically (reiki, prana) with guidance (inspired meditation, coaching, psychic channeled wisdom, guided visualisation, hypnotherapy, NLP as appropriate). The therapy also used various shamanic cues where appropriate.
Receive intuitive guidance from a Master Teacher. Journey to Shambhala…


The mission of Shambhala Therapy and Retreats is to provide the wisdom and spiritual intelligence to enable people to achieve their highest potential (in so doing, we contribute to raising consciousness and happiness in the world).



Our goal is to:shambhala1

  • detox
  • heal
  • inspire
  • connect
  • activate
  • empower