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Who is David……?

David G Arenson ND is an international speaker, author, teacher and founder of METAMORPHOSIS RETREATS. David is widely featured as a wellness specialist (See: Asia Wellness Retreats 2014) and healer.

A Naturopath, Soul-Coach and Energy Healer, David integrates spiritual journeying into grounded wisdom for everyday living, presenting powerful concepts in personal change and living on purpose. As an author, he is widely featured internationally. David’s mission is to guide people to places of mystery and power to rediscover, balance and ground themselves.

To find out more, visit his website, mretreat.com—Email him at davidgarenson@gmail.com. You can also connect with him on facebook and twitter @davidarenson.

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What would I get out of doing Soul-Coaching?

Expanded consciousness, inner peace, relaxation, health/wellness/healing on multiple levels, subconscious insights, an effective treatment for anxiety/depression, lowers blood pressure, improves breathing, emotional recalibration, encourages healthy emotional releasing within a safe environment…and many more benefits. Just ASK!

How is Soul-Coaching different to any other healing treatment/therapy?

It combines healing touch with active visualisation, life coaching and meditation. This dynamic fusion is tailored to each individual to cater for their needs and provide an optimal healing environment to facilitate new insights.

Where is Soul-Coaching available?

Currently I am connecting with partners internationally to offer training, consulting services and retreats.
I am currently based in Western Australia. I am particularly open to doing consulting projects in nearby Asian countries; however my goal is to develop an international scope especially via Metamorphosis Retreats.

Metamorphosis Retreat
Life Transformation

Recently you moved to Asia, please tell us about your journey.

This year I resigned from my two jobs in Australia to become the naturopath with Six Senses Sanctuary in Thailand. I was subsequently offered positions as naturopath at spas in the Maldives and Koh Samui, or the opportunity to work with Six Senses as a consultant/visiting practitioner. I chose the latter more adventurous path! I am currently in Vietnam at Six Senses Ninh Van Bay. I will next be heading to the Maldives for a stint at Soneva Gili and then to Six Senses Zighy Bay (in Oman) before returning to Vietnam. In this role I work with guests to design specialised retreat packages, combining my experience in Western and Eastern techniques to transform their lifestyle through a program of wellness activities, spa therapies and organic cuisine.

Was working overseas an incentive for you on your career journey?

I believe we grow more as human beings in unfamiliar environments. I love the elegance and sophistication of Asian culture, as well as the exotic food, friendliness and liveability. From a career perspective, being here gives me opportunity to learn more traditional Asian healing. I recently had the opportunity to learn tao healing and chi nei tsang (internal organ chi massage) from Master Mantak Chia. Naturopaths teach that the gut is the most important component of health, and that’s why I’m so excited about chi nei tsang—as so much emotion is stored in these organs, too.

How do you integrate what you’ve learned in past roles into your work now?

I’ve had many pivotal life experiences that have helped me become who I am and supported how I work. The mystical side of me is perceptive, intuitive and in tune with where people are at. Becoming a life coach in 2010 allowed me to offer people so much more as a wellness consultant— that’s why I love this role so much! Unity of mind body spirit is paramount in my philosophy and way of practise. I constantly use what I learned as a creative to support people through life changes. As a therapist, my treatment style involves a fusion of compassion, intuitive therapy, energy healing and touch. Another of my treatments includes intuitive reiki, receptive hypnotherapy and spring of wellness therapy (a blend of Indian head massage, foot acupressure, reiki and guided visualisation). My trademark ‘vibrational alignment therapy’ is a highly personalised blend of transformational therapies to release blockages in mind, body and spirit—incorporating energy attunement, emotional freedom technique, craniosacral therapy, chakra balancing and chi nei tsang.

Do you see yourself returning to Australia?

I’d love to return to Australia to run retreat programs. I’ve kept my connection to Australia by being a regular contributor for blogs rescu.com.au and soon-to-be-launched hygiology.com.au. Long term I see my role evolving into an education and development one. I also have a dream to establish my own healing spa centre, an oasis of healing — the world’s first organic raw foods carbon neutral destination spa combining luxury with sustainability and detox.