Kickstarter/ Activation: First-time client session fee: $295.

Repeat (returning) fee is $175.
4-Session Package is $700.


I believe we have a choice what meaning and belief we give to our life story. We have become lost in how we perceive ourselves as individuals – our collective dream has been to dominate mother Earth. We are suffering as a result. Shambhala Therapy allows people to experience themselves on a deeper level.

What can Shambhala Therapy heal/help?

Anything. There is nothing that cannot be helped. I’ve worked with trauma, physical and emotional challenges, pain, illness, stress and anxiety, depression, confusion, sleep problems. Some people are just looking for more success at work or at home. What is common to all, is that people need to remember who they are and why they’re here.

Do you work from a distance?

Yes I can support people via email, phone and skype. For distance healing, I use reiki, meditation and visualization. I require a birthdate and image of the person to focus on. Healing is a Divine gift, and I never make unrealistic claims as I’m just a channel.

Can you explain your philosophy on healing?

I believe our world is as we dream it. Our collective dream is what has created our current world. I look forward to dreaming with you and creating dreams that we can be proud of. I honour the place within you where your SOUL resides. Here the entire universe dwells in love and peace. When I recognize your sacredness, I recognize my own essence. In acknowledging you, you and me become one. We are both healed.

What is Shambhala?

Shambhala, also know as Shangri-la and Paradise is a mythical kingdom without border, a pure land of peace and happiness. Mystics have claimed to visit it in their dreams, and some have even claimed literally finding it. Shambhala evokes a deep memory/ archetype in the human psyche – the belief in the possibility of enlightenment, of finding paradise on earth. Why not create it?