David is an artist, poet, photographer and writer.
Currently accepting new photographic projects and collaborations.

1346656972_6.0 1346658885_creative-drawing1 1346658949_painting for CREATIVE page 1346659128_Shambhala 1346659137_Shambhala2 1346659145_shambhala1920_xthumb 1346659156_the JOSHUA tree 1346658243_sunflower 1346658358_the tree 1346658413_tree blurr 1346658430_violet flowers 1346657964_joshua tree 1346657981_liquid oil sky sea 1346657987_lizard 1346658005_mesmerise flower 1346658026_my bird 1346658042_my rock 1346658057_my sky 1346658080_perfect sky 1346658098_rock 1346658110_sky 1346658156_sky2 1346658174_sky3 1346658188_skyline 1346657683_DSC_4262 1346657701_DSC_4263 1346657716_DSC_4296 copy 1346657737_DSC_4299 copy 1346657759_DSC_chapel 1346657780_DSC_ha wonder 1346657797_DSC_lantern 1346657836_DSC_old man 1346657467_crazy sky 1346657861_DSC_red bridge mist 1346657877_FLOWER LOVE 1346657892_icon_9142 1346657909_IMG_9145 1346657309_beach sky1346657361_color 1346657392_cow1 1346657417_cow2 1346657432_DSC_4221 copy 1346657467_crazy sky 1346657490_DSC_4226 copy 1346657511_DSC_4234 copy 1346657525_DSC_4235 copy 1346657544_DSC_4241 copy 1346657566_DSC_4243 1346657592_DSC_4253 copy 1346656656_1.00 1346656680_2 1346656717_2.0 1346656740_3.00 1346656758_3.0 1346656829_4 1346656897_4.0 1346656944_6 1346656972_6.0


You mingled with the Darkness and it bit your spirit.
For your name is Pachamama,
and Love is where you are.
Your smile infectious,
A spark of creativity efficacious.
An angel swimming naked in my wildest dreams.
Now I know you are Beloved.
Smash those stories that defeat you.
Love is like a galaxy in the sky.
Your heartbeat pounds inside me.
Life inside is you priceless.
Miracles dive inside your navel, dreaming of the sky.
Release every ounce of Darkness from your beautiful face.
Let laughter replace every self-doubt.
Light up the sky with your grace.
Smile like nobody is watching.
Let the moment give birth to pregnant infinite,
and explode with life.
Act into feeling inspired.
Love works by drizzling laughter into creation.
Give yourself away to the thunder.
Let the gravity of your beauty expand and float.
Fall into the sky.
Flap your wings and Fly. 

— copyright. David G Arenson ND 2012